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Over the duration of ESCAPE from the SEA, artist/designer Jeffrey Lim will walk from one venue to another—alternating directions over different occasions—to install, retrace, and de-install his work, Attachment. He will be marking his trail through the city and tracing parts of Klang River using spools of threads, thus making his journey visible to visitors and simultaneously inviting them to make their own journeys.

24 February 2017, 9am – 12pm [VENUE] NAG Kuala Lumpur & APW Bangsar

Opening of Exhibition– Escape to the SEA NAG Kuala Lumpur & APW Bangsar
[INTERACTION] Interaction/ participatory installation begins. Spools of colour thread are on display, the viewers are invited to unspool threads as the make their journey off site. The threads from APW and NVAG are a representation of a timeline, parallel travel, lineal perspective. Paths through modernity/ city of spaces of local authenticity meet & merge, a transient urban & suburban setting.

4 March 2017, 9am – 12pm [VENUE] APW Bangsar
[WALK] Laying of the path from APW Bangsar to NAG Kuala Lumpur
9am start, midway stop at Madras Lane (Petaling Street Wet Market), arrive at 12pm.
[PERFORMANCE] an unending string will be pulled from APW to NAG, of about 11+km in length, through the city, tracing the river at some parts. the string represents my existence through time, moving from one period/ sense of existence to another.

26 March 2017, 9am – 12pm [VENUE] NVAG Kuala Lumpur
[WALK] Retracing the path from NAG Kuala Lumpur to APW Bangsar
9am start, midway stop at Madras Lane (Petaling Street Wet Market), arrive at 12pm.
[PERFORMANCE] a retracing of the trail back from NAG to APW 3 week later. The disappearance/ broken parts, the fragility/ forgetting. The search for association.

23 April 2017, 9am – 12pm [VENUE] APW Bangsar
[WALK] Collecting the path from APW Bangsar to NAG Titiwangsa. 9am start, midway stop at Madras Lane (Petaling Street Wet Market), arrive at 12pm.
[PERFORMANCE] removing traces from APW, and tracing back trail to NAG, the cutting at the end is the completion of the transition, NAG becoming the point of new origin, severing / forgetting ties to APW.

*Registration required, limited spaces
 please check Japan Foundation site for link. (via phone at 03 2284 6228)
1. Wear good hiking footwear, some areas are muddy, waterlogged and sandy.
2. Dress appropriately for being outdoors; good hat, light clothes, and be prepared incase of rain.
3. Physical fitness; it will be a slow walk of roughly 11km with a 30 minute food & drink break at halfway point. In total, be prepared to walk for 3 hours.
4. Bring a little backpack to keep water, light snacks & your personal belongings.
5. Road & intersection crossings, at some point, the artist will be crossing at irregular places, participants will be showed a regulated crossings. Please abide with given instructions.