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Over the duration of ESCAPE from the SEA, artist/designer Jeffrey Lim will walk from one venue to another—alternating directions over different occasions—to install, retrace, and de-install his work, Attachment. He will be marking his trail through the city and tracing parts of Klang River using spools of threads, thus making his journey visible to visitors and simultaneously inviting them to make their own journeys.

Artist’s interpretation
[TWO SITES] each site representing ‘creation’ (APW) and ‘being’ (NAG), a port of entry/ exit for local authenticity. Attachment to the place of origin (creation) in transit and connection to place of debarkation (being).

[PERFORMANCE] an unending string will be pulled from APW to NAG, of about 11+km in length, through the city, tracing the river at some parts. the string represents my existence through time, moving from one period/ sense of existence to another.