installation overview

overview of the installation/ map/ event/ interaction

Artist’s interpretation
[SITES] each site representing ‘creation’ (APW) and ‘being’ (NAG), a port of entry/ exit for local authenticity. Attachment to the place of origin (creation) in transit and connection to place of debarkation (being).

A nautical rope is moored on a symbolic ‘dock’ (initially the tiang seri) of each site and is unravelled at it’s end. The ‘dock’ represents a point of origin, of local authenticity. Both docks becoming/ regeneration as new points of origin as the transition/ travel.

Jute, strings and colour threads are weaved to the ends and spread out across the floor surrounding the ‘dock’. Thread represents the connection, attachment, trail, time, lineal being, parallel, it’s fragility, fragile existence between the two spaces (origin and destiny). Open ended journey.

Art Printing Works (APW) installation site
Attachment dock installation intent, APW
thread dispenser panel 1
thread dispenser panel 2
Walking route between APW & NAG
National Art Gallery (NAG) installation site
Attachment dock installation intent, NAG